I am a tech and conversation solutionist, an internet native.
I strive for substance and change.

I have a broad competence within digital media, I know a lot about a lot. But what it all comes down to is conversation, I work with combining the approporiate mediums and techniques and find creative ways for people to spread messages and exchange ideas.

In my baggage I have a degree from the Digital Media program at Hyper Island, years of devoted experimentation with front end development and a large number of different team work experiences while planning events, building marketing campaigns and making movies.


Group Dynamics

A great team is the first step to great work. That's Business 101. I'm a teamplayer by heart. Teams that lacks clarity and respect among the members don't get shit done. I know how to work in teams that gets shit done. Fast.

Conversation Strategy

One way communication is out. Conversation is in. Knowing how to keep a good conversation is key if you want to be noticed. I always stay up to date with social media trends, and I know how to be efficient in order to become successful.

Design + Development

Websites are what makes the foundation of the internet. I have a good awareness of design trends and development technologies. It makes me able to build something fast, and aware of what it takes when you're planning a bigger project.


  • Communication
  • Development
  • Design
  • Group Dynamics
  • Hyper Island
    I studied Digital Media at Hyper Island. The program was focused on cutting edge technology and strategies within communication and marketing. Its graduates are great at problem solving and group dynamics.
  • OWL Optics
    In spring 2013 I did a seven months long internship at the Berlin based glasses brand OWL Optics. It's a small and fairly new company that crafts their own unique and tastefully designed glasses and sunglasses.
  • Siestafestivalen
    I have a passion for light tech. At the Siesta festival in Hässleholm I've been working with both stage and area lighting.
  • Master Beat
    During a Hyper Island Module my group and I invented a tool that allowed users to play music with their fingers. My job was to get the circuits shut so that the machine would work.
  • Verloom
    Interactive music listening experience for Imogen Heap's song "Lifeline".
  • Matchmackan
    For the final project at Hyper Island my team and I worked with Svenska Spel who has the monopoly of betting/gambling in sweden.
    I co founded a startup with the aim to create Scandinavia's best social networking site for lgbt-people.
  • Yellow Umbrella
    "Running A Digital Agency" is a module where each group starts their own agency. My role was to be the Chief Executive Officer.
  • Amplic
    I was the Project Manager in our group during the Hyper Island module "Branding and Visual Design"
  • Emmabodafestivalen
    I have produced videos to document and promote the music festival in Emmaboda.